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Friday, January 27, 2012

Reeger's Farm Pumpkin Festival

People from near and farm traveled to a rural farm area in Shelocta, PA for Reeger's Farm Pumpkin Festival during the weekends in the fall.  The farm, located at: 755 Laurel Road, Shelocta, PA 15774, is the ideal location for the young and "young at heart" to create the perfect fall memory while also searching for their prized pumpkin. Families can enjoy hayrides to the Pumpkin Patch where you can pick your own pumpkins, travel through the tricky Corn Maze and even participate in a straw jump.  Listen to the music of talented musicians while also shopping among the various craft vendors. And of course, visitors can enjoy delicious food!  When arriving at the farm on an absolutely beautiful (and unseasonably warm) fall day, staff members were eagerly waiting to assist us with parking to make it as simple as possible.  Parking was convenient in the field directly across from the farm.

The photo below was taken from the parking area across from the farm.

In the photo below, you can see groups walking from the parking area across the road to the farm.  Everything (from the signs telling you were to turn, people telling you which space to park in, signs directing you to the walk way and cross to the farm, exit signs directing traffic leaving the farm) was so incredibly clearly marked that it made getting a parking space, walking to the festival, returning to your car and leaving the festival, a breeze!

Once entering the farm area, you can see the stage that was centrally located and accommodating local musicians and bands.

Turning left from the stage area, you can see a small portion of the hay in the foreground from the "hay jumping area".  Beyond the festival attendees, you can see the large children's play area in the distance.

In the photo below you can see more of the "hay jumping" area as well as the inflatables ideal for energized children that were extremely exciting about the prospect of picking out their perfect jack-o-lantern and the upcoming holiday!  Also, there was a large barrel-type slide, complete with a soft, hay landing zone as well as  hay integrated into a staircase!

Below is a photo of the tractor and trailer preparing to receive a load of eager ones determined to find their pumpkin in the fields.

Here is the trailer, complete with seats of hay, for us to board!

Here is the view from the back of our ride to the pumpkin patch - you can see the next tractor getting ready to fill a trailer and head to the pumpkin patch too!  It was great that they had multiple tractors running so we didn't have to wait long at all to head to the pumpkin patch or head back to the festival once we found our perfect pumpkins!

Another view from the rear of our tractor ride to the patch!

Yet another view from the back of the tractor ride - this view was off to left hand side!

Below: A view of some of the pumpkin patches.

Searching for pumpkins!

People gathering on the hay-wagon with their pumpkins, ready to return back to the festival area.

Approaching the festival area from our hayride.

The farm had many different photo opportunities like the one below to capture adorable photos of your kids!

Below is a large tunnel slide that kids enjoyed climbing hay-stairs to get to the top and then landing in a cushioned hay area at the bottom. 

Below are more photos form the hay-jumping area for children.

For those looking for pumpkins and not wishing to ride the hay-wagon out to the fields, plenty of pumpkins were available for sale in and around the store.  Also available here were gourds, mums and fall related items and crafts.

Below is a photo from outside the market to the parking area across the road.  Check out the breath-taking fall foliage!!

For a small fee, guests could participate in pony rides.

Below is the barnyard that visitors could pay a small fee to enter and tour.  It contained many traditional farm animals, such as sheep, horses, rabbits, goats and pigs.

These photos were taken just outside of a barn, looking back towards the main building.

And finally, below is a photo of what it looked like leaving the festival and crossing the street to the parking area.

What a beautiful fall day this was! If you are looking to great some fantastic memories with your friends and/or family during this holiday season, be sure to schedule a trip to Reeger's next fall!

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